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Anhui Province

The Half Moon Bay project is situated on a 14ha site along the Xin An river in Huangshan. It will provide a total of 500 Apartments, 70 Courtyard Villas, a 16,000m² Office Tower, 9 SOHO Towers, a commercial village and a wide variety of tenant facilities including a large wellness centre with pools, gyms and dance studios.

Special attention was paid to the spatial variety within the project, fluently transitioning from high rise living to village scale typologies. All program components are connected by an abundance of waterfront parks.

The first setting of the design was to carve a central stream throughout the entire site. Maximising waterfront property while creating a habitat for flora and fauna and connecting the project to a recreational park upstream, and a wetland park downstream. These wetlands are part of a “Sponge City” concept, mitigating grey water and storm water runoffs on site.

The integration of public and private spaces is fluent in a public private partnership between the city and the developer. The public waterfront promenade with its central square and the northern and southern parks will be provided by the client on public land.

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