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We create beautiful spaces for people who appreciate the ever changing forms of life.

Our approach is centered around designing sophisticated and entirely liveable spaces, that are intensely personal to you as the client. We strive to make any project a personal journey that enables you to grow and continually evolve within your environment.

In order to design for you personally, we believe every aspect must be considered together. This is about more than structures and objects, it is a living space that works in combination with the people within it.

This is why we combine luxury architecture with interior design, sophisticated art and furnishings. To design everything from the inside out, perfect for the inhabitants and the location.

A perfect example of Avant-garde luxury design

This dining room is truly out of the ordinary, for it’s use of custom materials and objects in combination.

Bonham works closely with every client to provide the confidence to put unique elements together. This ensures the outcome is intensely personal to them. By getting to know this client, we were able to hand select these pieces and elevated this room to the next level.

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