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Jason Bonham

The Practice

The Bonham Architecture & Interiors Group was founded in 2008 by Jason Bonham, who is Principal and Creative Director.

We are a multi-disciplinary firm creating ultra-luxurious, timeless international-level interiors, architecture & bespoke furniture designs.

We focus on the luxury residential & commercial sectors and have an Auckland based multi-national team with a wide range of clients in New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Europe & elsewhere abroad.

We have 30 staff from all nationalities from over ten countries around the world, which brings a global, sophisticated, cosmopolitan viewpoint & creativity to the firm. This provides a seamless experience with translation and communications when working remotely with our International clients. We also work in partnerships with International firms that handles the documentation, detailing and regulatory approval process for our larger International development projects.

Jason Bonham

Jason Bonham is the Principal and Design Director of The Bonham Architecture & Interiors Group. He founded the firm when he returned to his native New Zealand after an international career spanning more than 20 years. Jason honed his craft alongside interior design industry leaders in London, San Francisco and New York City and has added a unique New Zealand perspective to it, creating a holistic design philosophy based around dynamic, stylish and timeless interiors, and architecture.

The Bonham Group collaborate with their clients to create timeless, bespoke architecture and interiors that reflect their clients’ style and taste. Luxury living, leisure and entertainment spaces like no other.

Our Team

Gregor Hoheisel

Gregor Hoheisel

Gregor Hoheisel has over 20 years of experience as Designer and Architect living and working in Berlin, Los Angeles, and Beijing before moving to New Zealand in 2014.

From 1999 to 2014 Gregor Hoheisel was one of the founding Partners of the international operating company GRAFT (www.graftlab.com). He acted from 2004 until 2014 as CEO of GRAFT’s office in Beijing working on a variety of mixed used developments.

In 2014 Gregor opened W10 ltd in Auckland and in 2018 joined Bonham Architecture and Interiors as Senior Architect.

Gregor’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects, including Brad Pitt’s Studio in Los Angeles, restaurants in Las Vegas, high rise apartments in China and a waterfront stadium for Auckland.

At The Bonham Architecture and Interiors Group, he is leading the architectural teams with a special focus on the 140.000m2 Half Moon Bay development.

Gregor Hoheisel is Registered Architect in New Zealand, reg. nb. 5147.

Sandyanne Parrott

Sandyanne Parrott

Sandy has over 15 years’ experience working as an Architect, Design & Construction Manager and Project manager in New Zealand, Australia and globally. Sandy is a Registered New Zealand Architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from Auckland University, a Bachelor of Building Science from Victoria University, and a Master of Business Administration from UNSW AGSM.

Sandy began her career working at Commercial Architecture firms including Ignite Architects and Buchan Group to produce commercial and mixed-use projects including Urban Design Planning, Resource Consents, Building Consents and Conceptual Design across these two large New Zealand practices. She then was asked to move to Australia to work directly with corporate clients as their inhouse Architect conducting Design Management, Construction Management and Project Management. This included setting up and running large business development divisions across various retail, food and entertainment brands including for QT Hotels, Event Cinemas, Rydges Hotels and Yum Restaurants International.

Sandy has worked on a global scale across these brands and developed many systems and processes for these corporate companies to streamline their design and development divisions. This included working across the funding, budget and approvals aspects of building developments, right through to Concept Design, Developed & Detail Design including signing off Architectural and Engineering drawings, contracts, fees & deliverables on site with builders as well as their progress payment and defects inspections.

Sandy is a Registered Architect in New Zealand – NZRAB #4861

Integrated Services

We are a multi-disciplinary firm with a holistic integrated approach that offers full architectural services from high-end architecture & interior design across the commercial and residential arena to art selection & curation, bespoke furniture designs, master planning & landscapes and procurement and turn-key solutions.

Technology Capabilities

Our team uses a full suite of software programs such as ArchiCad, Rhino, Vray, Enscape and Revit to help realise your vision. We also have sophisticated VR capability in-house that can be used for all commercial and residential projects from VR walkthroughs on screen to a complete VR immersive experience with headsets to experience the project come to life.

Our Studio

At Bonham Architecture and Interiors, we pride ourselves on providing unique, bespoke, international standard designs, and this all starts in the studio. Jason Bonham’s passion for international materiality is reflected in his studio. With one of the largest in New Zealand, he carries a plethora of cutting-edge contemporary samples and designs from all over the world from LA, New York, France, Italy and Spain.

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